I love a good sandwich

More muffaletta please

“Downstairs, Angelina rummaged through Mrs. Capuccio's refrigerator and found some pumpernickel bread, the end of a smoked pork roast, and a half a pound of Swiss cheese. She started thinking of the kinds of food she'd miss making most if she were stuck in bed most of the day, and she immediately thought deli. She cruised the refrigerator shelves and found some India relish, which she mixed together with a bit of ketchup and mayonnaise to make an improvised Thousand Island dressing. When she found a little can of sauerkraut in the cupboard, she knew she had a winner. She cooked up a Reuben sandwich in a cast-iron skillet, brewed a strong cup of tea with two sugars and a drop of milk, and brought it up to the room on a tray with some dill pickle slices on the side.”

—Brian O'Reilly

Here are some top-notch ingredients:

  1. Our very own waking hours

  2. Covid Choices which really can be anytime choices

  3. Having a backup plan

  4. Long periods of thinking

  5. Becoming trustable

  6. Handwriting your own notes on things that interest you

  7. Ending it gracefully

🔗 SEND ME YOUR BEST SANDWICHES: Concepts and guidelines? Ingredients? Recipes? Where to get them? When you’re going to come over and make one for me? All of it. Like this muffaletta on muffaletta with a side of muffaletta.