Solid life advice

Shamelessly stealing and using, thanks

I asked for your best life lessons and now it’s only fair that I share them. Here are some of my favorites, along with a few other life advice tidbits I’ve stumbled over in the last few weeks.

And as for the several hundreds of you who didn’t send me any advice, it’s not too late. Hit reply. 💌

from Elizabeth:

Love Alone, Is Life.

And Life most Sweet, As Heart To Heart, Speaks Kindly, When We Meet And Part.


from Chris Guillebeau:

“Adventure is for everyone. All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other.

When misadventure strikes, you can panic or you can figure it out. One of these solutions is better than the other.”

from David:

“One thing I learnt recently was to keep a travel coffee maker [or tea if that's your vibe] with me at all times. This is because one of my mentors taught me that regardless of the situation; if you're in a rush or a bit bombarded by life and when you see a good view, stop yourself and take it in. The chances are that whatever has got you wound up isn't going to be solved by you worrying. So stop for a bit.”

from Alice Boyes:

“Say it, rather than assume it doesn’t need saying.”

from BillyG:

“Respect goes a long way - toward trust, understanding, attitude, positive interactions, and maybe even toward creating some patience. Respect goes a long way.”

from some post I saved on Instagram and wrote down and then deleted so I don’t remember who said it but it’s good:

“Cutting ties with people who consistently hurt you isn’t enough; you must also cut ties with the version of yourself that accepted that behavior in the first place.”

I think it was either Dr. Annie Kaszina or Dr. Nicole LePera

from Pete:

“As far as life lessons go I have far too many to count, many of which I still need to work on myself.  Having said that, here’s one of my big ones:

Don’t waste your life pursuing the approval of others, when the only one you really need is your own.”

from Patrick:

“Saying “no” is far better than saying “yes” to something you know you should have said “no” to."

I get a lot of great life advice from Patrick.

from Daniel:

“This period of time I am in, this phase, that I let go all the things which don't work and don't serve my true self or to put it differently; I let go all those things that are keeping me caged and immobilised, in the same unhealthy loop. At the same time, I stay with myself, accept, love, and honour life around me. What a journey. 

Anyway, I guess one thing of what I have learned so far is that life is simply, torturously, interestingly wonderful.”

🌸 Torturously interestingly wonderful! I love Daniel’s last line there, and it makes me thing of this song which I think I have shared before but anyway listen to it in case you missed it the first time, it’s great. “You can find the joy in every agonizing moment of existence on this planet.”