Speaking of ducks

It's a questionable input quality

“The quality of the input will eventually be understood in the value of the results.”

—Steven Redhead

Zeke’s latest favorite thing to do is talk in a Daffy Duck voice.

On a recent car ride….

Zeke: quacking sounds

Lily: “Oh, oh! I can understand this! Okay. Say it again.”

Zeke: quacking sounds

Lily: “Okay. I got it. The spade. Spade? 25?”

Zeke: affirmative quacking sounds

Lily: “You have…. 25. 25 what?”

Zeke: explanatory quacking sounds

Lily: “Umm. Spilled 25? You spilled 25?”

Zeke: argumentative quacking sounds followed by explanatory quacking sounds

Lily: *confidently*Oh! 25 spatulas!”

Zeke: confused quacking sounds

Lily: “Not spatulas… Um. Okay. I’ve got it. I’m good at this. Sp…. Sprite? Spade? Speed?”

Zeke: excitedly affirmative quacking sounds

Lily: “Speed. The speed. 25. Speeding 25?”

Zeke: sighs in quack language

Me: “Speed…. limit?”

Zeke: excited quacking sounds

Lily: “The speed limit is 25?”

Zeke: joyfully affirmative quacking sounds

Lily: “The speed limit is 25!”

Both: excessive laughter and quacking sounds

And that’s that. Happy birthday to Zeke, who turned 12 this week and continues to be magic and love and all the goodness that can exist, wrapped up in a quacking laughing constantly moving package.

🔗 Nothing is simple just because you wish that it is.