Hello I’m Annie.

This is my newsletter in which I talk shit about my feelings, sing praises to trees, and contemplate existence. There’s discussion of reading and writing, along with any other random thing that comes to mind, like geese or tacos.

I write it fast, I send it daily,1 I don’t edit and it may not make any sense, nothing is guaranteed.

It’s really just an online diary that I send to people. Is that a good idea? Probably not. Am I doing it anyway? Yes.

You can subscribe for free and get a once-a-week diary entry, um, letter. Sometimes I do a little roundup/list of interesting things.

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The paid tier is not meant to be a moneymaker, that’s what my moss fetish OnlyFans is for (jokes! funny funny jokes! haha! ). If you want to be on the paid list but don’t need to add another subscription to your budget, please email me with at least one of the following items:

  • your favorite sandwich. Give me details.

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  • a great Venn diagram (or a matrix).

  • or just say Hi. 👋

In return, I’ll send you a discount code. We’re all winners here!

“I like you, but I hate email.”

I get it.

Personally, I love email but I also love getting up at early fucking o’clock. I love eating olives and reading poetry and not wearing a bra and being a single mom and climbing trees and drinking whiskey and staying in hotels and having hours of solitude and what I’m saying is we all like different things and that’s great.

Many (though not all) of these letters show up on my blog eventually, in one form or another. So if you wanna read what I write (again: astounding and so appreciated!) but you don’t want more email, just bookmark it baby. Check in when it’s good for you.

What to expect

See here.

The standard disclaimer but I totally mean it:

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Thank you, that is all.

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