Hello I’m Annie.

This is a sweary newsletter in which I talk shit about my feelings + books, sex, writing, growth, & other mysteries.

It’s like overly confessional memoir excerpts (except less organized) mated with overly introspective personal essays (except not as well-developed, in any sense) and had a baby…

and then that offspring grew up and mated with a self-conscious (but kinda cute) librarian, and had a baby,

and then THAT offspring grew up and mated with an overly instructive, snarky and self-deprecating advice columnist and

and you end up with This Newsletter.

I’d like to see that lineage mapped out by 23andme.

What to expect

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What’s in this weekend letter?

Usually it’s a personal/confessional essay which starts with a story from my very own life and then deep dives into some kind of emotional, introspective rambling with a few advice-nuggets thrown in there. Feel free to ignore those.

I try to limit the swears in the public edition because my Dad is a subscriber. Hi Dad!

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  • stories about the real, unseen, gritty world of professional writing, freelancing, and content agencies. (Hint: it’s not that gritty.)

  • more talking about sex.

  • more talking about productivity 🤷‍♀️. Sometimes I can’t help myself.

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